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Below is an overview of the TourMaster trailers which are also suitable for a scooter.
The luggage trailer for scooters is available in 6 different types, where the CLM is the smallest and the TM350 the biggest trailer which can behind a scooter.

For more information about the different types of trailers, please click on the pictures below.


Photo Description Price
CLM100 CLM100

he CLM100 is a scooter trailer with a capacity of 100 liters. The trailer comes standard in the color white Price from:
per piece

MasterCargo-MC-O MasterCargo MC O

The MasterCargo MCO is an open platform trailer without a cover and is made of polyester. The MasterCargo is available in a version for scooter and motorcycle. Price from:
per piece

TM150-Lid-Polyester-for-TM150 TM150 Lid Polyester for TM150

Lid Polyester for TM150.
per piece

TM150-Trailer-150-Ltr TM150 Trailer 150 Ltr.

The TM150 has a capacity of 150 litre and is the simplest luggage trailer in our range. Price from:
per piece

TM200-Trailer-200-Ltr TM200 Trailer 200 Ltr.

TM200 is made of polyester and is available in a version for motorcycle and scooter. The TM200 has a capacity of 200 litre. Price from:
per piece

TM251 TM251

The TM251 is made of polyester and is available in a version vor motorcycle and scooter. The TM251 has a capacity of 250 litre Price from:
per piece

TM350-Trailer-350-Ltr TM350 Trailer 350 Ltr.

The TM350 is made of polyester and available in a version for motorcycle and scooter. The TM350 has a capacity of 350 litre. Price from
per piece

TMB-300-Trailer-Roof-box-300-Ltr TMB 300 Trailer Roof box 300 Ltr.

TMB300 is made of ABS/ASA and is available in a version for motorcycle and scooter. The TMB300 has a capacity of 300 litre. Price from:
per piece

TMO100-S-Complete-with-fixed-axle.-Scooter-version TMO100-S Complete with fixed axle. Scooter version.

TourMaster chassis TMO100 has a track width of 100 cm. This is inclusive of the wheels Price from:
per piece

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