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Many trailers from our range are not only suitable for hanging behind a motorcycle, but are also great behind a scooter.

A trailer behind a scooter can bring many benefits, both for private individuals and the business market. For example, a scooter does not suffer from parking problems and therefore, especially in the big cities, a scooter with a trailer could be a good alternative for the business market. For example maintenance companies that have many customers in the big cities.
For private individuals, a trailer behind the scooter can be a godsend for shopping. But do you just want to have a fun ride and take the dog with you? Dog trailers are also suitable for behind a scooter.

If you are interested in the possibilities for scooters, please send an email to info@tourmaster.nl.
If you have special wishes that are not mentioned on the site, you can request a quote without obligation. Much more is possible than we can show on the website.

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