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Campmaster AIR Inflatable Trailer Tent

For the campers among the motorcyclist we have developed a tent trailer, the CampMaster. For the CampMaster, the JumboMaster JM600 trailer is used. A tent can be set and creates the tenttrailer. The tent is places in such a way into the trailer, this is not at the expense of the luggage area. The tent is namely between cover and container. By arranging hatches in the plate of the tent, it is always possible to reach the luggage.
The CampMaster tenttrailer is available in four versions, the difference is in the size of the tent.

The CampMaster tenttrailer is not only suitable for motorcycles, but it is also an ideal tenttrailer for the smaller car. See example below, a Citroën 2CV with tenttrailer.



Camping lighting
Tent and CampMaster ..


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