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WaveMaster WM900

The WaveMaster WM900 has a capacity of 900 liter and is suitable for motorcycle, trike or car Price from:

€ 4.720,00
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Versions of the WM900:
WM900 S: Standard version with revolving coupling, support leg and cover support. Performed in a gray gel coat and must still be painted
WM900 L: Luxury version with revolving coupling, support leg, two gas springs under cover, 165/55x14" tires, aluminum wheels, inner lining and painted in black or white.
WM900 LX: Extra deluxe version, as WM900 L, with 165/155x14" tires and painted in silver metallic color

Standard comes the WM900 in a gray gel coat an has yet to be painted in a color.

Technical data:
  • Size of the traileris 1.80 x 1.00 x 0:621 m.
  • Total Size : 2,45 x 1,00 x 0,89 mtr.
  • Total length is 2:45 m and the track width is 1:00 mtr
  • Weight is 110 kg
  • Load capacity of 110 kg.
  • Total load Axle 300 kg.
  • Steel frame with rubber torsion axle suspension.
  • Revolving coupling
  • Lighting according to DIN standard
Accessories for this trailer are:
  • Spraying in any color
  • Inner lining
  • spoiler
  • 3rd brake light
  • LED lighting
  • Imperial stainless steel standard
  • Imperial made, in consultation with the customer

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