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Rocket Master RM700 Special offer !

The RocketMaster has a capacity of 700 liters and is delivered in a gray gel coat. The trailer has yet to be sprayed. Price from:

€ 3.095,00
€ 2.785,50
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Special offer:
The Rocketmaster RM700 S for € 2,850.00
- Swivel coupling
- Gray gelcoat (still has to be sprayed in color)
- Gas spring under cover,
- Aluminum spoke rims, tires 155 / 65x13 "
- Inner lining
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Versions of the RocketMaster RM700:
RM700 S: Standard version with revolving coupling, gray gel coat (color must still be sprayed), gas springs under cover, 145/65x13" tires, steel wheels
RM700 L: Luxury version with revolving coupling, support leg, gas springs under cover, 145/65x13" tires, aluminum spoke wheels, inner lining, clear glas taillights and painted in black or white
RM700 LX: Extra deluxe version, as RM700 L, painted in the color silver metallic and 155/65x13" tires

Standard comes the RM700 in a gray gel coat and has yet to be painted in a color. When you order the RM700 L, you must also specify whether it should be delivered in the color black or white.
The RM700 can possibly be modified as a dog trailer
Technical data
  • Size of the trailer   Length  1.85 mtr
                                Width   1.00 mtr
                                Height  0.60 mtr
  • Made of high quality polyester
  • Total length:          length    2.37 mtr
                                Higth     0.82 mtr
                                Width     1.00 mtr
  • Opening lid size: L= 120 cm  W= 60 cm
  • 145/65x13" tires
  • Weight is 80 kg
  • Load capacity is 195 kg
  • Suspension Axleload  275 kg
  • Rubber torsion axle suspension
  • Lighting according DIN standard
  • Fixed or revolving coupling
Accessoiries for the RM700:
  • Sparewheel
  • Mounting sparewheel on drawbar
  • 3rd Brake light
  • Chrome imperial
  • Chrome top rail
  • Inner lining
  • Interior lighting
  • Paint spraying

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