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TMO 75 VA, with fixed shaft. Chassis complete set with wheels and lighting. (Max. 40 km/h)

TourMaster chassis TMO75 has a track width of 75 cm. This is inclusive of the wheels Price from:

€ 395,00
€ 345,00
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Versions of the TourMaster TMO75VA:
TMO75 VA: TourMaster chassis, fixed axle, track width is 75 cm, drawbar with revolving coupling, wheels 400x8", lighting en support leg

The TMO75 VA is only suitable for a scooter trailer. Because of the fixed axle is the max. speed 40 km/h
Technical data:
  • Material of the frame is steel ST37-2.
  • Wheels 400x8"
  • Black plastic material Mudguards
  • Drawbar, complete with revolving coupling and support leg
  • Weigth is 22 kg and the load capacities of the torsion springs is 150 kg, (without construction).
  • Complete lighting set with 2x rearlights, 5-core cable with 7-pole plug
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