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TMB 300

TMB300 is made of ABS/ASA and is available in a version for motorcycle and scooter. The TMB300 has a capacity of 300 litre. Price from:

€ 925,00
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TourMasterBox TMB300 is available in the following versions:

TMB300 B-VA:     Budget version, with fixed axle. Only suitable for scooters. Max speed is 40 km/h
TMB300 S-VA: Standard version with fixed axle and revolving coupling. Only suitable for scooters. Max speed is 40 km/h
TMB300 B: Budget version with fixed ball coupling and torsion spring axle
TMB300 S: Standard version with revolving coupling and support leg
TMB300 L:  Luxury version with revolving couping, support leg and standard imperial

The TourMaster TMB300 is suitable for motorcycle and scooter. The scooter version is equipped with a fixed axle and has a max. speed of 40 km/h. The TMB300 comes in white or black.

Technical data:
  • Material of the trailer is glass fiber reinforced polyester
  • The size is 1.30 x 0.75 x 0.40 m.
  • Total length is 2.05 m and the track width is 1.25 m.
  • 400x8" tires
  • Weight is  kg and the load capacity is 50 kg.
  • The trailer is equipped with a torsion spring axle or a fixed axle (scooter trailer)
  • Lighting accordin DIN standard
  • With fixed or revolving coupling.
Accessories for this trailer are:
  • Spare wheels
  • Imperial
  • Wheel trims
  • Respraying
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