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Two-Wheel Master TWM225

The Two-Wheel Master has a capacity of 225 liters and comes standard in a gray gelcoat. The trailer has yet to be painted in color. Price from:

€ 1.705,00
€ 1.550,00
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Versions of the Two-wheel Master:
TWM225 S:  Standard version with revolving coupling, 350x8" wheel and a gray primer. Must yet  to be painted.
TWM225 L: Luxury version with revolving coupling, 350x8" wheel and painted in the color black or white.
TWM225 LX:  Extra deluxe version with revolving coupling, 350x8" wheel and painted in any RAL color
The Two-wheel Master is a small, compact and highly manoeuvrable trailer with excellent driveability.
When you order the L-version, you must also specify in your order in which color the trailer must be delivered, black or white.
When you order the LX-version, you must also specify the RAL color in your order.

Technical data:
  • Size of the trailer is 1.35 x 0,50 x 0.60 mtr.
  • Total length is 1.85 mtr and the track wide is 0.50 mtr.
  • The load capacity of the trailer is 65 kg.
  • Rubber torsion axle suspension
  • Cover is provided with a gas spring
  • Revolving coupling with 50 mm ball socket
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